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What size are the beds?

Bed sizes: (All our cabins can be booked for double or quadruple occupancy)

Deck 3:

  • Economy : 80 cm x 200 cm
  • Standard : 80 cm x 200 cm

Deck 5:

  • Superior : 100 cm x 200 cm
  • Select : 100 cm x 200 cm
  • Select plus : 100 cm x 200 cm

Deck 6:

  • Select : 100 cm x 200 cm
  • Two Select Panoramic cabins : 90 cm x 200 cm

*** Please note that all beds are fastened to the floor and cannot be moved.

If you book a quadruple occupancy cabin (Standard and Superior) for three passengers, do you have to pay additional fees for the unoccupied bed?

Passengers who wish to use a quadruple cabin for three people will not have to pay extra for the unoccupied bed.

Are cots available?

Unfortunately, there is no room for cots in the cabins. Cabin occupancy is determined based on the number of beds available.

What amenities come with the cabins?

Each cabin is equipped with:

  • one television
  • one phone (onboard calling only)
  • one toilet
  • one sink
  • one shower
  • power outlet 110 volts

Please note that there are no coffee makers or hair dryers in the cabins.

Can I make phone calls to people off the ship?

The phones in the cabins are for internal use only. On board, in case of emergency, please dial “4111”.

Please note that the cellular network is very limited in several regions served by the ship. You will be able to receive the network in Rimouski, Sept-Îles, Havre-Saint-Pierre, Natashquan, as well as in the ports and on board the ship from Saint-Augustin to Blanc-Sablon. Public pay telephones are also available on the docks of all ports except Tête-à-la-Baleine and Saint-Augustin.

Does the TV come with a DVD player?

TVs are connected to a satellite antenna and have access to a selection of channels. However, there are no DVD players.

When are cabins cleaned?

In accordance with our sustainable development policy, cabin maintenance is based on a model that aims to reduce environmental impacts. As such, the change of bed linens is done at the end of the passenger’s itinerary or when required. A change of towels is offered twice to clients on longer trips.

A light summary refreshment of your cabin will be done every day (wastebasket, floor and bathroom).

Please take note that due to the type of beds, our staff does not make up the beds during your journey. This is your responsibility and it is of course at your sole discretion.

What time is checkout?

Cabins must be vacated two hours before docking and no later than 3 pm on the day you disembark, with the exception of passengers disembarking in Rimouski where the cabin must be vacated at 9:30 am.


Is the ship accessible for people with reduced mobility?

The Bella Desgagnés is equipped with an elevator that facilitates access to the various decks of the ship. The passageways on the ship are wide enough for passengers in wheelchairs. There are also two Select Plus cabins (double occupancy) on Deck 5 available for people with reduced mobility.

Are the Deck 6 lounges accessible to everyone?

The forward lounge is a VIP Lounge reserved for certain passengers only, but the aft lounge is open to everyone.

Who has access to the VIP Lounge?

The VIP Lounge on Deck 6 is reserved exclusively for passengers who have booked Select, Select Plus and Panoramic cabins on Decks 5 and 6.

Is there a fitness room onboard?
  • There is a fitness room on Deck 6.
  • To use it, an Access card must be purchased from the Purser ($7 a day).
  • The fitness room is open every day from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Who has access to the fitness room?

All passengers with a cabin can use the fitness room on Deck 6 for a fee of $7 a day.

This privilege is free for passengers who buy a Select cabin package.

How big are the cabin portholes on each deck?

Portholes in cabins on Deck 3 are 39 cm (15 ’’) in diameter.

Cabin windows on Decks 5 and 6 are 99,5 cm wide X 69,5 cm high. (39’’ X 27’’)


Do passengers 15 years old and under or 65 years of age and over get the same half-price discount on packages as they do on sea passages?

The half-price passage discount for passengers 15 years old and under and passengers 65 years of age and over is for maritime passage only and is already factored into the “package” price.

Does the person accompanying a passenger with reduced mobility have to pay the regular price?

The accompanying person pays the same rate as the passenger with reduced mobility depending on his/her age group.

Food Services

What are the dining room and cafeteria hours?
Cafeteria Hours
Tuesday to Sunday : 7:00 am to 10:00 pm
Monday : 7:00 am to 10:00 am
Dining Room
Depending on the number of passengers aboard and the period of the year, the number of sittings in the dining room varies from one to two.  Mealtime is thus variable depending on the trip.
Can I choose my own meal service time?

Customers in Selects cabins can choose the service that suits them best. Subsequently, depending on availability, some passengers in the double superior cabin (priority according to the reservation date) will be able to choose the service that suits them best until a service is complete.talled adjacent the dining room entrance where you can verify your service assignment.

Can I bring alcoholic beverages aboard the ship?

You cannot bring alcoholic beverages aboard the ship. However, Relais Nordik holds a license to sell alcohol and we are happy to offer beer and a selection of wines. Please ask onboard for information about drinks and drink prices.

Are alcoholic beverages served on the ship?

We sell wine and beer onboard ($).

What should I do if I miss a dining room meal that’s included in my package because of an onshore excursion?

If you miss a meal service while on an onshore excursion, you can substitute a cafeteria meal once you’re back aboard.

You can choose either the “Daily Special” (soup, main course, and dessert) available until 2:30 pm for lunch and until 7:30 pm for dinner, or an à la carte meal (hamburgers, sandwiches, fries, etc.).

Are gratuities included in meal prices?

Gratuities are not included in any meal prices (this applies to meals included in package rates and à la carte meals). Tipping is at your discretion.


Is the arcade open to everyone?

The arcade is open to all passengers and is located on Deck 3.

Are there planned activities on the ship?

From June to September, we provide workshops on various topics, observation sessions on the decks, ship tours, etc. Of course these activities are offered when the weather and the schedule allow it.

Are there guided tours and excursions available in the villages?

In the summer, Coopérative de solidarité en tourisme équitable (CoSte) organizes ground excursions for a fee ($). As you cannot make reservations for these excursions once aboard, you must make reservations in advance by communicating with them at 1-877-573-2678. You may also consult the list of excursions offered on their website at the following address: Please note that Relais Nordik works in partnership with CoSte but is not responsible for this service.

Is there Internet access onboard the ship?

Given the remote areas that we sail, internet access may be available in our Internet access points depending on the position of the ship and the number of devices connected.  Please note that when available, wifi access is free but very slow and limited.

Health & safety

Is there an infirmary onboard and what emergency services are available?

The ship has an infirmary on Deck 3 that is available for emergencies only.

There are three defibrillators onboard the ship: one in the infirmary, one in the reception office, and one in the wheelhouse.

Each department also has a small first aid kit for minor injuries.

What do I do if I get seasick?

We recommend that you bring antiemetics/medications (e.g., Gravol) that may relieve motion sickness, nausea, and vomiting. You can also purchase sea sickness bracelets onboard. Please note that no motion sickness medication is sold onboard the ship.

What type of clothing should I wear?

Warm, waterproof clothing, good shoes with nonslip soles, and gloves are recommended year round.

Onboard amenities

Is there a laundry room onboard?

A self-service coin-laundry  for passengers is available on Deck 7.

Are there baggage lockers for passengers who have not purchased a package or rented a cabin?

Self-service pay lockers are located on Deck 4. For locker tokens, please see a Purser or a cafeteria staff member.

Are there public showers for passengers who do not book a cabin?

Public showers are available on Deck 7 for passengers who have not booked a cabin.

Are towels provided for the public showers?

Unfortunately, no towels are provided for the public showers. Be sure to bring your own.

Are there bicycle racks?

There are no bicycle racks on board as bicycles must be placed in a shipping container. To use bicycles on shore during a port call please be sure to advise the Purser at least one stop before the port where you want to use your bike.

* Please note that this service is available only for daytime stopovers.

What do I do if I forget certain personal hygiene products?

Soap, towels, and bedding are provided in cabins. Remember your toothpaste, hand cream, and hair dryer, because these items are not provided. If you forgot something, we do have a few personal hygiene products for sale onboard.

Miscellaneous questions

How do I check whether the ship is on time before boarding?

When you make your reservation, please give us a phone number or email address where we can reach you quickly if and when required.

*Please note that you can always visit our website to check the Ship’s position.

What is the personal baggage limit?

The maximum weight for personal baggage is 20 kg per person.

For items that weigh over 20 kg, an excess baggage fee will be charged.

Can we bring perishable goods in our luggage?

Unfortunately, perishable goods are not permitted onboard in your luggage. However, you can ship these items as cargo.

Please contact either our Booking Agent or our port Agent for more information. You can also consult the I want to make a shipment section on our website.

Where can we leave our vehicle during the voyage?
  • In Rimouski, there is free parking at the wharf. (Please see the parking attendant).
  • In Sept-Iles, there is no parking on the wharf. You can park for free about 500 m from the ship. Please contact the dock attendant for information.
  • In Natashquan, there is free parking behind the Relais Nordik office on the wharf.
Are villages accessible by foot?

Certain villages are located a few kilometers from the ports and are not accessible by foot. Here are the distances between villages / cities and their port.

Rimouski : 3 km

Sept-Îles : 0,2 km

Port-Menier: 1 km

Havre-St-Pierre : 0 km

Natashquan : 2 km

Kegaska : 1,3 km

La Romaine : 2,1 km

Harrington Harbour : 0 km

Tête-à-la-Baleine : 9,1 km

La Tabatière : 1,5 km

St-Augustin : 10 km (the village is not road accessible)

Blanc-Sablon : 3,2 km

Does the ship always dock in all inbound and outbound ports?

Normally, the Bella Desgagnés stops in all ports between Rimouski and Blanc-Sablon, in both directions. However, given that the weather and navigation conditions can sometimes be difficult, the vessel may not be able to dock for the safety of the passengers and the vessel itself. There may also be other situations beyond the control of the Company (mechanical problems, dock unavailable, etc.) which require operational decisions in this regard. The Company then notifies customers with a reservation at this port of origin. If this is the case, the goods received will be stored and transported on the next trip, and passenger and vehicle reservations may be refunded or moved to a later date depending on availability.

You can consult the statistics of successful docking in ports for the last three (3) years by clicking on this link.

Note that, as stated on the boarding pass and on the freight and vehicle bill of lading:

“The carrier may at any time, and without previous notice, cancel or change the timetable, the destination or course of the ship and will not incur any liability for any damage to any passenger, including purely monetary loss due to cancellation or changes whether or not they may be caused by the Carrier’s negligence or that of its employees, agent and/or subcontractors.”

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