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To limit the spread of Covid-19, the information below may have changed. Refer to the document “Covid-19 – Special procedures” for more details.



All passengers must register at the Relais Nordik agency, or directly to the dock in Rimouski, Sept-Îles, or Havre-Saint-Pierre, at least 3 hours before the scheduled departure time. Passengers must then follow the pre-boarding procedure (registration, baggage check, boarding passes).

When registering at the agency or dockside, all adult passengers must present a valid, government-issued photo ID with the following information: first and last name, date of birth, gender, and address. Accepted IDs include driver’s licences, Quebec health insurance cards, student ID cards, and passports.

Relais Nordik reserves the right to deny access to the ship to any passenger who fails to comply with these rules.


When making your reservation, once you have selected your itinerary, we recommend that you give us a telephone number (hotel or cellphone) or email address where we can reach you 24 to 48 hours prior to your ship’s scheduled departure time in the event of a delay. You can also regularly check the Ship’s position to see its current expected departure time.

Important Information

Medical conditions

Please notify us of any medical conditions or physical mobility restrictions you or anyone traveling with you may have so we can help ensure your comfort and safety aboard the ship.

No smoking

Smoking is strictly prohibited aboard the ship (including cabins) except in the two designated outdoor smoking areas (sheltered from bad weather but not heated) on decks 3 and 8. Cannabis consumption, in all forms, is strictly prohibited on the ship. Any passengers who violate these rules will be expelled from the ship at the next port, reported to the authorities, and charged a cleaning fee.


The term “baggage” refers to any luggage, travel bag, or other similar items used exclusively to transport personal effects belonging to the passenger and accepted as such by the Purser or any Relais Nordik representative.

For the safety and comfort of other passengers, baggage must remain in the passenger’s possession and be small enough to fit in the designated areas, such as paid lockers or under the passenger’s seat. Passengers must ensure that their luggage is securely stowed at all times and does not present a nuisance or risk of any kind to other passengers or employees.

Each passenger is entitled to a maximum of 20 kg of baggage. An excess baggage fee will be charged for every kilogram of baggage over this limit.

Perishable items and alcoholic beverages are forbidden in luggage. Any perishable item or other good is considered cargo and subject to cargo shipment conditions and rates.

Onboard personnel may reject any baggage that does not comply with these shipping standards, poses a risk, or cannot be handled or stowed safely on the ship.

Relais Nordik allows parents or guardians of young children to bring certain items deemed essential for their children, including milk or juice bottles, diapers, blankets, etc.


Cabin description

CabinesAll passenger cabins come with a private toilet, sink, shower, and television. With the exception of Economy interior cabins located amidships, all cabins have either a porthole or window.

Cabins are divided into eight categories based on their size, layout, and amenities: Economy interior cabins (quadruple), Standard exterior cabins (quadruple), Standard exterior cabins (double), Superior exterior cabins (quadruple), Superior exterior cabins (double), Select exterior cabins (double), Select exterior panoramic cabins (double), and two Select Plus exterior cabins (double) that are adapted for people with reduced mobility.


In accordance with our sustainable development policy, we make every effort to reduce the environmental footprint of our housekeeping services aboard the Bella Desgagnés. Sheets are changed at the end of the trip or as needed, and cabins are refreshed (bathroom, floors, waste baskets, new towels) twice for passengers on long trips.

Checkout policy

Cabins must be vacated 2 hours before you arrive at your destination or no later than 3 pm on the day you disembark.

Beds policy

On the ship, we strive to make as many beds as possible available to our passengers. Passengers pay for their own beds, and any unoccupied beds in a cabin remain available to other passengers.

Please note that if you are travelling alone and do not wish to share a cabin with other passengers, you will be required to pay a supplement for each unoccupied bed equal to the per-bed rate for your cabin category. However, there is no additional charge for the unoccupied bed for quadruple cabins occupied by three people.


We offer our passengers two dining options: the dining room and the cafeteria. The dining room is available to all passengers aboard the ship at meal times. The dining room menu consists of a set-price table d’hôte menu with a choice of two or three main courses at each meal.Some extras are also available.

Please note that there is no food service in the dining room outside regular meal hours, but we invite you to join us in the cafeteria where an inexpensive menu is served.

Our dining room has tables for 2, 4, or 6, and you should expect to share your table with others.


If you have any food allergies, it is important to notify us when you book your trip and to tell the Purser once you are on board the ship.

Dining room hours

Depending on the number of passengers aboard and the period of the year, the number of sittings in the dining room varies from one to two.  Mealtime is thus variable depending on the trip.

Cafeteria hours*

General access: 7 am to 10 pm

* Limited service hours for full meals (ask onboard the ship for details).


It is forbidden to bring your own alcoholic beverages onboard the ship. However, Relais Nordik holds a license to sell alcohol, and we are pleased to offer you a selection of wine and beer.

Alternative transportation service

In the situation where the M/V Bella Desgagnés cannot dock at a port due to navigational conditions that do not allow the normal continuation of the service and which, in the opinion of the master, would make the berthing and operations unsafe, an alternative transportation service could be offered following the authorization of the STQ.

The following conditions must be respected in order to benefit the alternative transport service:

  1. The passenger must be a resident of Anticosti Island or the Lower North Shore;
  2. The Resident Passenger must have booked in accordance with the current Booking Policy or have purchased a maritime passage at its local agency (during business hours) at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled arrival of the vessel at the port that cannot be serviced;
  3. The passenger must have paid the full amount of his maritime passage ticket;
  4. The alternative transportation service must be used by the passenger no more than twenty-four (24) hours before the M/V Bella Desgagnés revisits the skipped port in the same direction;
  5. The final destination for air travel must remain the same as the maritime passage ticket.

When the alternative transport service is authorized, customers who are eligible will be notified via their agency. Subsequently, customers will have to communicate and book directly with the airline serving their locality. (Relais Nordik will send the air carrier the list of eligible customers). Note that excess baggage charges and pets are not covered.

What do I do if I want to bring


Pets such as dogs, cats, or other animals accompanying a passenger must be kept in a carrier and placed in designated area (heated and air-conditioned kennel) on Deck 3. We strongly advise you to bring your own carrier.

Due to limited space, reservations are required.

In addition, you are responsible for keeping the carrier clean as well as the kennel area assigned to your animal throughout the voyage. Please make sure your pet’s kennel space is clean before departure.

Please note that pets are not allowed in areas reserved for passengers (indoor or outdoor) or in cabins. However, dogs can be taken out during stopovers (except on Anticosti Island, where dogs are not permitted), including the wharf at Port-Menier.


Watercraft (canoes, kayaks) are not permitted as passenger baggage. They must be registered as cargo and consigned to Relais Nordik personnel in advance. Reservations are mandatory.

Seafood, wildfowl, or other perishable products

These products are not permitted as baggage or personal items aboard the ship. They are subject to the goods-handling procedures and rates in effect for shipping cargo. They will be transported in containers like other perishable items and are subject to regular unloading procedures. Unloading delays may occur. Check with our Booking Agent before purchasing such products during port calls.

Please note that you are responsible making all the necessary arrangements to have these items shipped to your home at your expense.

Camping gear

These items are not permitted as personal baggage. They must be registered as cargo and consigned to Relais Nordik personnel in advance to be placed into containers.

Please check with our Booking Agent for deadlines and handling procedures for these items.


Bicycles may be transported with you on your voyage (for a fee). You must bring your bicycles to the ship when boarding so they can be placed in bicycle containers. If you wish to use your bicycle at a stopover, please notify the purser at least one port in advance so arrangements can be made to unload your bicycle. Please note that bicycles will only be unloaded on daytime stopovers.

Vehicles (snowmobile, ATV)

You must bring in any vehicles 24 hours before your departure so they can be registered as cargo. They will be subject to the handling procedures and placed in containers.

Check with our booking agent for more information.


Reservations are required for car shipments. We will explain the terms and conditions to deliver your car.

Please note that aside from the allotted 20 kg of personal baggage, goods are not included in the car shipment rate and will be charged according to the rates in effect for each item.

Check with our Booking Agent for more information.

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