Harrington Harbour is listed as one of the thirty most beautiful villages in Quebec. Perched on an island, it looks like a traditional Newfoundland outport. You won’t find roads or cars there, and people get around on foot or by bike or ATV (all-terrain vehicle) on raised wooden pathways.

It’s a strikingly picturesque village famous for playing the role of “Sainte-Marie-la-Mauderne”, the community at the centre of the popular Quebec film “Seducing Dr. Lewis”  that was filmed in 2004.

Today, many residents of the village still work in the fishing industry or at the local fish plant. There’s also a bustling public wharf.

Main visitor attractions:

  • Rowsell House Interpretation Centre
  • The hill top view at the centre of the island
  • The Jacques Cartier Monument
  • The modest houses built directly on the rock
  • The village’s wooden boardwalks
  • Christ Church (little Anglican church built in 1952)
  • Guided tours of Marguerite’s Cave
  • Side trips to the village of Chevery ( Accessible by taxi-boat)

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