La Tabatière

The name of Tabatière is derived from the word tabaquen, thought to be related to an aboriginal word for “sorcerer.”

The community runs along the coastline for many kilometres and is made up of three hamlets: Vieux-Poste (Old Post), Baie-Rouge (Red Bay), and La Tabatière. The village also makes up part of the Municipality of Gros-Mecatina along with “Baie-des-Moutons”.

In 1820 a certain Samuel Robertson bought out the Labrador Co., which owned the most celebrated fishing station in the area, and moved in, founding his own company as well as the village of La Tabatière.

In 1930 the community built a fish plant, which was the biggest on the coast and formerly processed crab, scallops and shrimp.

Main visitor attractions:

  • The Robertson family seal foundry and cemetery
  • The nearby islands
  • Gros Mécatina Migratory Bird Sanctuary
  • Priest’s Hill boardwalk trail
  • Point aux Neiges Park
  • Cliffside houses
  • Exterior panels depicting the history of the village (summer)

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