The community of Natashquan is undoubtedly one of the best-known villages on Quebec’s North Shore, thanks to the songs and poetry of Gilles Vigneault, its welcoming inhabitants and the village’s historic fishermen’s storehouses (“Les Galets”) located on the point opposite the commercial wharf. It was founded in 1855 by residents of the Maqdelan Islands who routinely frequented the area’s waters during the fishing season.

In addition to providing visitors with a unique and vibrant regional cultural experience, the village is brimming with natural beauty, fine sandy beaches, and extraordinary scenery.

In late summer 2013, a new bridge was built over the Great Natashquan River extending Highway 138 and linking the small fishing village of Kegaska (48 km east of Natashquan) to the rest of Quebec.

Main visitor attractions:

  • Scenic coastal and island villages
  • “Les Galets” fishermen’s storehouses
  • Natashquan River Falls
  • The Innu village of Pointe-Parent (Nutashkuan)
  • Le Bord du Cap interpretation center, which features a reconstruction of Natashquan’s first general store
  • Museum dedicated to work of Gilles Vigneault
  • L’Échourie Café & Bistro

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