The city of Rimouski is the “oceanographic capital” of Quebec. With its blend of urban and rural lifestyles, this municipality in the Lower St. Lawrence region is home to a wide variety of activities. What’s more, with some 50 cultural organizations present and a number of art galleries, it is the cultural hub of the region.

Rimouski is recognized as the regional capital of the area due to the concentration of companies offering a multitude of goods and services and the important number of head offices located here, (e.g., TELUS Quebec, Hydro-Québec’s regional service centre, courthouse, federal and provincial government agencies, etc.).  The fact that the headquarters or regional offices of many of these organizations are located here contributes significantly to the city’s economic vitality.

Its organizations specialized in applied research in maritime technology (Innovation maritime) and intermodal maritime transportation (CFoRT) make Rimouski Quebec’s centre for maritime technology. Many researchers come to the city every year to seek training and hone their skills.  Among others and recognized nationally for it’s leadership is the Institut Maritime du Québec (IMQ).  It is the only francophone training centre in Canada and ensures professional training and continuing education for the workforce of the marine industry.

Relais Nordik is headquartered in Rimouski.

Main visitor attractions:

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