Sept-Îles is one of the biggest cities in Quebec by area, spanning some 2,182 km². With its stunning land- and sea-scapes, it’s a fabulous outdoor destination all year long. Sept-Îles is a vibrant city with a rich culture and centuries-long history.

This welcoming port town dates back to 1535, when Jacques Cartier came to the site, naming-it Îles Rondes (round islands). Sept-Îles is named after its archipelago located on the edge of a beautiful bay, home to a wide variety of ecosystems set against exceptional marine landscapes.

The “seven” archipelago islands are named Petite Boule Island, Grosse Boule Island, Grande Basque Island, Petite Basque Island, De Quen Island, Manaowin Island, and Corossol Island.

Main visitor attractions:

  • Islands of the archipelago
  • Vieux-Poste historic site
  • Regional museum
  • Le Shaputuan (cultural museum of the Innu first nation)

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