Tête-à-la-Baleine is one of three French-speaking communities on the Lower North Shore.

The name refers to a geological feature that looks like the head (“tête”) of a whale (“baleine”), on one of the adjacent islands of the Toutes-Îles Archipelago, so-named by the explorer Jacques Cartier, upon his arrival on the Lower North Shore.

It is mainly a fishing community, but it is also known for its traditional sealskin crafts.

Main visitor attractions:

  • The island whose profile resembles a whale’s head
  • Guided tours of the village
  • Guided tour of Providence Island
  • Providence Island Interpretation Centre
  • The chapel on Providence Island
  • Jos. Hebert Museum
  • Boat trips to the nearby islands
  • Kenty Island, site of the archipelago’s first house, chapel, and cemetery

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