• Passenger boarding and reception area
  • 88-seat dining room
  • 112-seat cafeteria
  • Five interior lounges
  • Airplane-style seats equipped with phone and computer charging units and an entertainment system for screening TV and radio programs (319 monitors, including 1 that is wheelchair accessible)
  • Conference room that can accommodate 16 persons
  • One animated bistro *New*
  • Public showers
  • Public washrooms
  • Public laundry room
  • Outer decks with benches so passengers can admire the sea and surrounding landscapes
  • A passenger elevator that provides access to all decks
  • Video arcade (six machines)
  • Two outdoor smoking areas (covered for bad weather but not heated)



We offer six types of oceanview cabins with portholes or windows (double or quadruple occupancy). All cabins come with single beds that are anchored to the floor and wall and cannot be moved. Please note that cots are not available. Cabin occupancy is limited based on the number of beds available.

Cabin amenities

  • Each of our cabins features the following amenities:
  • Full private bathroom (sink, toilet, and shower)
  • Television
  • Standard North American power outlets (120 V)

Bed use policy

On the Bella Desgagnés, we strive to provide our passengers with as many beds as possible. Each passenger pays for his or her own bed, and unoccupied beds in a cabin remain available for other passengers. As a result, please note that if you are traveling alone and do not wish to share a cabin with other passengers, you will need to pay a supplement for each unoccupied bed equal to the per-bed price for your cabin class.



  • Wireless internet access points (see restrictions below)
  • Fitness room
  • Infirmary for ill or distressed passengers
  • Climate controlled kennel (heat/AC) with 8 areas and separate closed pens
  • Gift and souvenir shop
  • Vending machines

Internet access

A WiFi network is available onboard the ship, but download speeds are limited. Given the remote areas served by the ship, Internet download speeds vary based on the ship’s position and the number of customers connected to the network. Speeds are limited to about 1 Mbps for downloads and 256 kbps for uploads.


The phones on the ship are for internal use only. There are no public telephones for calling the outside network. In addition, cellular coverage is very limited in many of the areas we sail. However, public pay phones are available on the wharf at certain ports.


In the summer, Coopérative de solidarité en tourisme équitable (CoSte) organizes ground excursions for a fee ($). As you cannot make reservations for these excursions once aboard, you must make reservations in advance by communicating with them at 1-877-573-2678. You may also consult the list of excursions offered on their website at the following address: Please take note that the spaces are limited.

Relais Nordik is in no way responsible for organizing these tours, which may be cancelled or cut short without notice by the tour organizers or Relais Nordik. These reasons are out of our control.

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