5 advantages of traveling differently with the Bella Desgagnés.

1. A safe ship on a human scale
The Bella Desgagnés relies on a team of nearly 40 crew members, all trained to provide good service and, above all, ensure your safety. The ship has several rooms for observing the landscape and dockside operations. The dining room can accommodate up to 70 people, while the cafeteria can accommodate up to 100.

2. A ship in operation carrying out an important mission
Our primary mission is to supply the people of the Lower North Shore. Also, to transport residents between villages not covered by Route 138. Finally, the last mission is to help visitors experience the first two missions, as well as discover welcoming remote communities.

3. A dedicated and courteous crew
On board, passenger stewards ensure your comfort and safe embarkation and disembarkation, all with a smile. The Passenger Service Manager coordinates services such as reception, accommodation, catering, bar, entertainment, housekeeping and security. On the restaurant side, we rely on three top-quality chefs on a rotating basis, with a fully competent brigade in the kitchen to provide you with an outstanding experience.

4. An uncharted territory inaccessible by road
The last village accessible by road is Kegaska. This means that the villages of La Romaine, Harrington Harbour, Tête-à-la-Baleine, La Tabatière, Saint-Augustin and Blanc-Sablon can only be visited by plane or boat. This is your chance to discover this remote and beautiful territory, and to travel to the very tip of Quebec.

5. Environmental preservation at the heart of the experience
For Relais Nordik, respect for the environment of the territory we serve is paramount. We rely on a series of eco-responsible measures, notably to protect the biodiversity of our navigation zone, the Estuary and Gulf of St. Lawrence, and to reduce our ecological footprint. On board, we offer selective sorting to separate compostable and recoverable materials and reduce the amount of waste.

Traveling on a supply ship like the Bella Desgagnés allows you to travel without negatively impacting the territory.

Want to know the commitment of Relais Nordik and Groupe Desgagnés for sustainable tourism?