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Ship your merchandise to Anticosti Island and the Lower North Shore

Relais Nordik is proud to be your shipping carrier for Anticosti Island and the Lower North Shore from April to January. Using our fleet of containers and non-standard platforms, we offer the shipment of goods of all kinds : dry, groceries, temperature controlled, residential, commercial, dangerous, animals, equipment and heavy machinery. From a simple box to a private container, whatever your need, we are here for you !

Transportation of dangerous goods, firearms, etc.

5 advantages of shipping your
goods with the Bella Desgagnés

  1. Freight container transport service for commercial and private clients.
  2. Weekly delivery and pick-up service for each of the 13 ports served upstream and downstream.
  3. Possibility of shipping goods of different nature on the same shipment.
  4. Transport service for temperature-controled, oversized and heavy goods.
  5. A team to support you throughout the transportation process.

Shipping goods : how does it work ?

According to established opening hours, Relais Nordik has 13 warehouses between Rimouski and Blanc-Sablon for the reception and delivery of your goods. Please note that no handling of goods is done on the docks.

Relais Nordik is committed to transport your goods between two ports according to a predefined weekly transport schedule. Standard merchandise is delivered to our warehouses the week before the trip, without reservation. For the transport of non-standard goods (heavy equipment, oversized goods, etc.), a reservation is required.

View the shipping and pick-up schedule

It is possible, with a reservation, to ship your vehicle with or without a passenger reservation. The vehicles are placed in a container or on a platform for handling. A vehicle inspection report will take place when loading and unloading the vehicle. The exterior of the vehicle must be clean to facilitate inspection. The goods inside the vehicle cannot exceed the lower level of the windows. Pricing applies according to passenger status, route and vehicle dimensions.

To make a reservation : 1 800 463-0680

Maritime service clients must provide all details of hazardous materials when shipping goods, according to the type (Class /UN) and the quantities. Under the laws governing the transport of hazardous materials, Relais Nordik cannot under any circumstances, agree to transport dangerous goods if the shipment is not accompanied by a duly completed declaration. Maritime transport is governed by the IMDG code (an international code for the maritime transport of dangerous goods in packaged form). Any shipper and/or supplier wishing to ship hazardous materials must refer to this code.

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Using our own non-standard transport platforms, it is possible to transport large-format goods, equipment and heavy machinery with dimensions and weights greater than the capacity of our standard 20-foot containers. A reservation is required a minimum of two weeks in advance in order to reserve your space.

Depending on the type of goods, different advantageous and tailor-made options are available to you.

You can also contact us directly :
1 800 463-0680

It is possible to travel with a pet on board our ship. Your animal must be placed in our kennel for the entire duration of the trip with the possibility of taking it out for a walk during stopovers. A fixed rate is applicable per animal. Animals other than pets can be transported inside a container with a pre-booked transportation agreement.

The transport of firearms is only possible with the registration documents and its carrying case. The applicable rate is a fixed rate per firearm.

A baggage container is available to passengers for their personal effects weighing less than 20 kilos. Goods other than personal effects traveling with a passenger (excluding coolers or hunting products) must be placed in a container before the ship’s arrival at the port and is subject to the transport of goods tariffs.

The pricing of goods is regularized according to a categorization of the products, the itinerary and the dimensions and/or weight. A minimum rate applies for each shipment. Pricing is calculated in metric ton or metric volume. For the transport of recreational vehicles, a different rate applies for residents of Anticosti Island and the Lower North Shore.

Custom pricing may apply to contractors or special projects.

Download the Freight rates

If you are an individual, the transport costs are due before the shipment of goods. 

If you are having your goods delivered to one of our warehouses by road carried, please contact us prior to your shipment to determine a payment arrangement and confirm shipping information.

If you are a company with a certain recurring shipping volume, it is possible to open an account with Relais Nordik with a payment term of 30 days.

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The goods must be clearly identified by the client by indicating at least the name and address of the recipient on each item or package.

All parcels or goods entrusted to Relais Nordik must be suitably packaged in such a way as to protect them adequately against the risks inherent to maritime transport. An inspection of the condition of the goods takes place upon receipt of the goods at the warehouse.

Download the packaging guide

Reception and delivery of goods schedule

All goods must be delivered and picked up according to the opening hours of our 13 warehouses. For the Rimouski and Sept-Iles warehouses, opening hours are Monday to Friday. It is not possible to deliver or collect goods directly from the ship or from the docks.

Also, it is not possible to leave goods outside of our opening hours. For the Rimouski and Sept-Iles warehouses, specific days are determined for the delivery of temperature-controlled goods.

If you are a carrier, do not hesitate to contact us before you travel.

Consult our warehouses schedule

Here are the schedules for the reception of goods in our warehouses


Day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Time 8 h to 10 h* 8 h to 12 h
13 h to 17 h
8 h to 12 h
13 h to 17 h
8h to 12h
13h to 17h
8 h to 12 h**

* Perishable goods only, no general goods accepted.
** General goods only.


Day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Heures 8 h to 12 h* 8 h to 12 h
13 h to 17 h
8 h to 12 h
13 h to 17 h
8 h to 12 h
13 h à 17 h
8 h to 12 h
13 h to 17 h*

* Perishable goods only, no general goods accepted.

Good to know

  • The maximum lifting capacity of the crane is 40 metric tons.
  • The carrier has a two week period to carry out the transport of the goods.
  • Relais Nordik offers an insurance for the cargo.
  • The ship’s schedule is subject to change without notice depending on weather and ice conditions.
Consult the Conditions of transport for the current season

Responsibilities of Relais Nordik

The carrier’s liability begins at the time of receipt of goods in the warehouse, according to the declaration of the condition of the goods. The carrier’s liability ends upon the delivery of the goods at destination.

In the case of transporting a vehicle, the carrier cannot be held responsible for personal effects left inside the vehicle.

For each unit of cargo listed on the sea waybill, the carrier’s liability is limited to 500$. Relevant information can be found at the back of the sea waybill.

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