Frequently asked questions : a trip onboard the Bella Desgagnés


All cabins are equipped with two single beds in addition to two pull-down beds in quadruple cabins. Economy and Standard cabin beds are 80 cm X 200 cm and Superior and Select cabin beds are 100 cm X 200 cm.

Customers who wish to use a superior quadruple cabin for three people will not have to pay an additional charge for the unoccupied bed.
The occupancy of the cabins is planned according to the number of beds available. There is no space for extra beds.
The cabins are equipped with a television, telephone (for internal use only), toilet, shower, sink and 110-volt power outlet. Please note that there are no coffee makers or hair dryers in the cabins.
Telephones in cabins and public areas are for internal use only. In case of emergency, dial 4111. The cellular network usually works when you are near ports.
In accordance with our sustainable development policy and with the preventive measures related to Covid-19, the bed sheets are not changed during the stay. Towels are changed every 3 days. The housekeeping team is there to provide the necessary, empty the trash cans and refresh the bathroom.
Yes there are 110 volts electrical outlets in the cabins.
For passengers leaving in Rimouski, cabins must be vacated at 9 :30 a.m. For the other ports, the cabins must be vacated two hours before arrival in your port of disembarkation and no later than 3 p.m.
Standard cabins have portholes measuring 39 cm in diameter. Superior, Select, Select Plus and panoramic cabin windows are 69.5 cm X 99.5 cm. It is not possible to open the portholes or windows.

Food services

The dining room opening hours vary depending on the number of passengers and the time of year. When two services are required, customers in Select and Panoramic Cabins have priority in choosing the service they prefer.

The cafeteria is open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. everyday except Mondays when it is open until the time of arrival at the port of Rimouski.

If you miss a meal in the dining room, you can enjoy a meal in the cafeteria at no extra charge which includes a soup, a main course, a dessert and a coffee.

No, tips are not included.

Other tips come in 4 forms: at the bar, in the rooms, at the restaurant and at ROMM. These tips are not included in the package.

At the bar: you may give it on the spot every time, at your discretion.

Rooms: This type of tips is optional, if you decide to leave a cash amount in the room envelope at the end of your stay, you can drop it off at the front desk when you leave.

Restaurant : The tip for full restaurant service can be given only once at the end of the stay, in cash or by card. We suggest leaving $150 per person if you are satisfied. It’s customary to pay for alcoholic beverages not included in the package immediately at the end of each meal. You should also leave the tip associated with the bottle immediately at your discretion.

The guides of ROMM: I you feel like tipping them for the quality of the entertainment provided during the trip, it is entirely at the customer’s discretion and we do not suggest any amount.

The dining room opening hours vary depending on the number of passengers and the time of year. When two services are required, customers in Select and Panoramic Cabins have priority in choosing the service they prefer.

The cafeteria is open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. everyday except Mondays when it is open until the time of arrival at the port of Rimouski.

If you miss a meal in the dining room, you can enjoy a meal in the cafeteria at no extra charge which includes a soup, a main course, a dessert and a coffee.

We offer three menu choices per meal. Whether you like seafood or meat, you’ll find a choice to suit you. You can also request a vegetarian menu option. Don’t forget to notify the reservations office of any food allergies, so we can add them to your customer file.


Lower rates are granted for people aged 15 and under and over 65.
choisir le mode de transmission que vous désirez, soit par courriel et/ou texto.
You can visit the ship’s position on the site to see where the ship is in real time and its estimated time of arrival in the next 2 to 3 ports. When you make your reservation, it is important that you give us an email address and cell number so we can reach you quickly in case of major changes to the schedule.

Also, in order to receive important communications including notices regarding schedule changes, we recommend that you subscribe to alerts by creating an account. You will then need to select the Lower North Shore maritime service and choose the mode of transmission of your choice (either by email, text message or both).

The maximum weight for personal baggage is 20 kg per person. An excess baggage fee will be charged for items that weigh over 20 kg. In order to facilitate boarding and storage in the cabin, we recommend that you bring two small suitcases or bags instead of one large suitcase.
With the exception of packaged food for snacks or for infants, it is not possible to bring perishable goods on board.
Rimouski : The parking is directly on the wharf and free for a maximum of 8 days. Please wait for instructions from the dock attendant who will direct you to a free parking space.

Sept-Îles : There is no parking directly on the wharf. You can park at approximately 400 meters from the ship. Please speak to the dock attendant for more information.

Havre-Saint-Pierre : There is no parking at the Havre-Saint-Pierre wharf. At the time of your reservation, you will receive a map indicating the free parking lots in the village.

Natashquan : Free parking is located on the wharf.

When items are brought to the administrative office after an excursion:

• We will try to identify the owner and we will communicate you.

• We will send the object to you at your fees (credit card) by Purolator or you can come at our office to pick up the forgotten object.

• Please, contact us to make an appointment at 1-800-463-0680

• If the objects have not been clamed after 1 month, we will give them to an organization.

Please note that some villages are a few kilometers from the ports, and therefore inaccessible on foot.

Rimouski: 3 km

Sept-Iles: 0.2 km

Port-Menier: 1 km

Havre-St-Pierre : 0 km

Natashquan: 1.1 km

Kegaska : 1.3 km

La Romaine : 2,1 km

Harrington Harbour : 0 km

Tête-à-la-Baleine : 9.1 km

La Tabatière: 0.7 km

St-Augustin: 10 km

Blanc-Sablon: 3.2 km

Life on the Bella and accommodations

The ship is partially accessible. It has an elevator and there are two wheelchair accessible cabins located on Deck 5. However, the embarkation and disembarkation gangway does not allow the use of a wheelchair. A person must be able to walk for short periods or be transported safely by the accompanying person and a member of the crew.
The VIP lounge, located forward on Deck 6, is exclusively accessible to passengers who have booked Select, Select Plus and Panoramic cabins.
There is a small exercise room located on Deck 6. You must obtain an access card from the purser ($). Passengers who booked Select and Panoramic cabins have free access.

It is forbidden to bring alcohol on board. Relais Nordik holds a liquor sales license and we are pleased to offer you a selection of beers, wines and spirits.

From mid-May to September, we offer learning workshops on different themes, observation sessions and film presentations. These activities are offered weather and time permitting.

Since October 2023, the Bella Desgagnés has been using the StarLink network as its satellite Internet service provider. While the Internet link is very good, the quality of the on-board experience depends on the location of the access points around the ship and the number of people using the network at the same time. Some parts of the ship perform better than others. For the moment, Wi-Fi access is free.

The ship has a small infirmary located on Deck 3 which can be used in case of emergency. Three defibrillators are available on board, including one in the infirmary, one in the reception office and one in the wheelhouse. In addition, each department has a small first aid kit for minor injuries.
We advise you to bring anti-nausea medication with you which may relieve sea sickness. Here are some tips to avoid seasickness : do not have an empty stomach, do not eat lots of acidic foods or drinks such as coffee, avoid getting cold and avoid doing activities that require a lot of concentration. If you feel unwell, lie down and when in port, go for a walk on dry land to get some fresh air.
Since we are sailing in a northern area, warm and waterproof clothing is advised. Bring good non-slip shoes, a warm hat and gloves. There is no dress code for access to the dining room.
A self-service coin-laundry is available for passengers on Deck 7.
Self-service lockers ($) are located on Deck 4. For locker tokens, please see a purser.
Free public showers are available on Deck 7. Please bring your towel.
Soap, towels and bedding are provided in the cabins. Remember to bring your toothpase, hand cream and hair dryer as these items are not provided. However, if you forget something, we do have a few personal hygiene products for sale onboard.
There is no ATM on board. It is therefore strongly recommended to bring cash with you.


During the summer period, the Cooperative for a Sustainable Tourism Environment (CoSte) organizes shore excursions for a fee. There is no reservation on board and you must reserve in advance by contacting them at 1 877 573-2678 or by visiting

It is possible to bring your bike ($) which will be placed in a container and be available to use during daytime stopovers. Please mention your intention to bring your bike to our reservation agent.
Some villages are located a few kilometers from the ports and are not accessible by foot. Here are the approximate distances to the villages/cities from the dock.
Rimouski : 3 km
Sept-Îles : 0.2 km
Port-Menier : 1 km
Havre-Saint-Pierre : 0 km
Natashquan : 3 km
Kegaska : 1.5 km
La Romaine : 2 km
Harrington Harbour : 0 km
Tête-à-la-Baleine : 10 km
Saint-Augustin : 10 km and not accessible by road
Blanc-Sablon : 3 km
The Bella Desgagnés plans to stop at all ports on both the upstream and downstream trips. However, given that the weather and navigation conditions can sometimes be difficult, the vessel may not be able to dock to ensure the safety of the passengers and the vessel itself. There may also be other situations beyond our control (mechanical problems, docks unavailable, etc.) which require operational decisions in this regard. In the event that we are unable to dock at a port, we will notify clients with a reservation at that port of origin. Passenger and vehicle reservations may be refunded or moved to another port or a later date depending on availability.
Note that, as stated on the boarding pass and on the freight and vehicle bill of lading :
« The carrier may at any time, and without previous notice, cancel or change the timetable, the destination or course of the ship and will not incur any liability for any damage to any passenger, including purely monetary loss due to a cancellation or changes whether or not they may be caused by the Carrier’s negligence or that of its employees, agent and/or subcontractors. »