Ship's schedules

Reservations are mandatory and new procedures will apply. Please read the press release for further details by clicking here.

Ship’s Schedule – 2022-2023 season


Season 2022-2023 – Regular schedule in effect as of April 4 to October 9, 2022

Adjusted Schedule (Whales) – 2022 Season effective April 20 until the speed limit is lifted

Important note

The ship’s primary mission is to safely transport cargo to local communities and provide them with a safe means of transportation every week. The voyage is not a traditional cruise.

Stopovers are therefore determined based on the time needed to load and unload cargo. The duration of stopovers may also be increased or decreased if, for a number of operational reasons, the ship must make up for a delay or shift its schedule due to unfavorable sailing conditions.

Given the constraints of sailing conditions the timetable is by no means guaranteed. If you are making a connection with another mode of transportation at the end of the sea voyage, we recommend that you give yourself a 36 to 48 hours window after the expected time and date for disembarking.


Reservations are mandatory and new procedures will apply. Please read the press release for further details by clicking here.

Maritime passage fares

Non-resident fares 2022-2023

Resident fares 2022-2023

Tourist Package fares (sea passage, cabin stays and meals)

Package fare 2022

Port dues and taxes

All fares listed are in Canadian dollars and do not include taxes (GST and QST) or port dues, which will be billed extra, where applicable.

Additional information

What is a resident?

A resident is a person whose main permanent residence is located in one of the communities on the Lower North Shore (from Kegaska to Blanc-Sablon) or Anticosti Island.

Students enrolled full time at an educational institution outside Anticosti Island or the Lower North Shore are considered residents, provided at least one of their parents or legal guardians is considered a resident.

What is a non-resident?

A non-resident is anyone who does not meet the definition of resident, i.e., a person whose main permanent residence is not located in one of the communities on the Lower North Shore (from Kegaska to Blanc-Sablon) or Anticosti Island.

Resident privileges

Resident passengers are eligible for a special maritime carriage fare. Resident passengers must prove their resident status in order to benefit from the special resident fare.

In addition, Relais Nordik sets aside 30 beds for resident passengers, with 16 available in Economy cabins.

Eight of the beds in Economy cabins are available at the start of each voyage (in both directions). They are reserved exclusively for resident passengers without reservations and are available on a first come/first served basis.

The remaining 22 beds must be reserved in advance by resident passengers. To benefit from this privilege, they must reserve theirs at least two weeks before the ship’s departure date at the port of Rimouski. Afterward, the beds will available to all passengers.

If persons requesting treatment as a residents are unable to meet the conditions required by Relais Nordik, they will be charged the non-resident passenger fare. In such cases, a claim for the difference between the resident and non-resident fares can be made in writing on the appropriate form to Relais Nordik within 30 days. The claim must be accompanied by two documents issued by a government agency or body proving that the passenger has had resident status for at least the past three months. An administrative fee (minimum $5) will be deducted by Relais Nordik.

Passengers 15 years old and under

Passengers 15 years old and under must be accompanied by a responsible adult (father, mother, legal guardian, or another adult designated by them) during the passage. These passengers must remain under the responsible adult’s supervision at all times throughout the trip.

In the event that a responsible adult is designated by the child’s father, mother, or legal guardian, this designated adult must not have more than 2 children under his or her supervision.

In all cases, any adult traveling with one or more children must ensure that the young passenger(s) abide by the required rules of good conduct.

What is a maritime passage?

A maritime passage includes only the cost of maritime transportation of a passenger from one port to another, excluding meals, overnight cabin accommodation, and other services.

Eligibility for half-price fare on maritime passage

Passengers 15 years old and under or 65 and older receive half-price fare (50% off) on maritime passage.

Children under 2, accompanied by an adult, travel free of charge.

To benefit from this reduced fares, each passenger must be able to provide proof of age.

Refund Policy

To view the Refund Policy, clidk on the following link :

2022 – Refund policy for all passengers

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